Only the Trinity Will Work

Deep ComedyThis morning I finished Peter Leithart’s illuminating work Deep Comedy. I say “illuminating” because never before have I seen Solomon, Derrida, Homer, Shakespeare, & Jesus compared & contrasted in such a way as Liethart does in this book! A wonderful amalgamation of philosophy, poetry, literature, & theology, Deep Comedy explains just why all of these categories ultimate play off one another.



Pass the Salt: Loving Your Neighbor & Table Manners

“Christianity is all about the golden rule!”

“Love your neighbor like yourself!”

“Just love God and love people!”

Ever heard any of those before? I have and they usually drive me nuts (particularly that last bifurcation for some reason)! Yep these bumper stickerable phrases really make me want to pull my hair out and I’d love to tell you why! (more…)

Excarnational Christianity

The other day I watched an interview of James K.A. Smith by Erdmans Publishing that I have embedded below. It’s about 25 minutes long and can get a little dense at times but overall I enjoyed the interview and think you might too if you have the time. The content of the interview was on Smith’s newest book How (not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor. The interview covered a lot of ground in discussing the nature of belief in a modern & post-modern world. Throughout the interview Smith offered some wonderful insights. One thing in particular that I thought was really intriguing was the part of the interview where the topic of excarnation was discussed.