Only the Trinity Will Work

Deep ComedyThis morning I finished Peter Leithart’s illuminating work Deep Comedy. I say “illuminating” because never before have I seen Solomon, Derrida, Homer, Shakespeare, & Jesus compared & contrasted in such a way as Liethart does in this book! A wonderful amalgamation of philosophy, poetry, literature, & theology, Deep Comedy explains just why all of these categories ultimate play off one another.



Excarnational Christianity

The other day I watched an interview of James K.A. Smith by Erdmans Publishing that I have embedded below. It’s about 25 minutes long and can get a little dense at times but overall I enjoyed the interview and think you might too if you have the time. The content of the interview was on Smith’s newest book How (not) to be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor. The interview covered a lot of ground in discussing the nature of belief in a modern & post-modern world. Throughout the interview Smith offered some wonderful insights. One thing in particular that I thought was really intriguing was the part of the interview where the topic of excarnation was discussed.