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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

The other day I read a blog post by Peter Leithart entitled “Give Peace a Chance.” Commenting on the book The Question of Peace in Modern Politics, Leithart believes that “the editors begin from assumptions that need to be questioned.” From here Leithart begins to question the editors assumption:



“People as Projects” & Our Truncated View of Conversion

As I was skimming through my Twitter feed yesterday I noticed a post from Relevant Magazine that looked as though it was a bash on turning non-Christian friends into “Religious Projects”. I didn’t read the article because (to be honest) Relevant Magazine is about the least relevant thing to me (not sure why I still follow them?). Anyway, the title got me thinking a bit about why there is even a discussion about turning people into “Conversion Projects”.


The City of Tomorrow

What should the proper stance be for the Christian in regards to the future? It seems in our day that many Christians are apprehensive about the future. Particularly in the West, whenever you open a newspaper or turn on the news, things seem to be getting worse and worse. Moreover, the “world” seems to be more and more antagonistic toward the Gospel. Presented with this narrow description of reality, the Christian can be tempted to believe that things are indeed only getting worse and worse.


Covenant, Individualism, & Family Reformation

Two weeks ago I wrote a post entitled “Hipsters, Suburbs, and the Demise of the Modern Family” in this post I looked at how the individualized modern family (most clearly displayed in the suburbs) lends its children to the trap of shallow hipsterdom. A portion of that post outlined a criticism of the individualistic nature of the modern family. There I highlighted the architecture of the family household, the fragmented scheduling of the family, and the poor quality of family entertainment as contributing factors to the demise of the family. A good friend of mine commented on the post asking if I would consider writing a post about the opposite type of family. In essence, if the modern, individualized family can be characterized by those things listed above, then what would characterize the lifestyle of a non modern, individualistic family? I thought it was a great idea and this post should be considered my response.


Pass the Salt: Loving Your Neighbor & Table Manners

“Christianity is all about the golden rule!”

“Love your neighbor like yourself!”

“Just love God and love people!”

Ever heard any of those before? I have and they usually drive me nuts (particularly that last bifurcation for some reason)! Yep these bumper stickerable phrases really make me want to pull my hair out and I’d love to tell you why! (more…)