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I’m Moving!

A recent opportunity availed itself to me to move my blogging to another platform.

It’s a bitter sweet time for me. started over two full years ago. I posted sparingly over the first year but over the last 10 months I have committed myself to publishing anywhere from three to five posts a week. Overall I have published over 200 blog posts, accrued over 100 WordPress followers, & had over 7,000 views on the blog.

Committing myself to writing regularly since January has been an awarding experience. It hasn’t always been easy or inspired and I’m sure it hasn’t always been easy to read or inspiring. However, it’s meant a lot to me that there are some people out there who have been willing to click over to and see what I have to say.

That being said, the fact that I’m moving does not mean that it will be any more difficult for you to read what I write. I will still be writing regularly and posting my writing updates to social media.

Having said all this let me give you a little more information about where my blog is heading. A friend of mine hosts a website named Torrey Gazette. Torrey Gazette is a site that hosts a few personal blogs and publishes multiple book reviews monthly. The owner of Torrey Gazette (Joshua Torrey) has invited me to bring my regular blogging over to I will still be posting around four times a week (Monday – Thursday) so you shouldn’t expect much to change in terms of production and content at the new site.

One major change will be the name of the blog. Whereas this blog was named “Brief Inquisition?” for a time and simply “Michael Alan Hansen” for the past several months, the name of my blog over at Torrey Gazette will be “St. Anne’s Manor.”

That name comes from the final installment of C.S. Lewis’ fictional space trilogy That Hideous Strength. Be sure to head over to Torrey Gazette tomorrow to catch my first post explaining more about St. Anne’s Manor.

It’s been fun and I’m looking forward to your continued readership!

Like the song says, “you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!”



Weekly Roundup (5/12 – 5/15)

Welcome to the “Weekly Roundup”! In case you missed any of this week’s posts you can find them all conveniently below. Just click the links and read away!

Monday: Shadow Conquest & Cultural Conquest

In this post I look at a quote from James Jordan’s book Through New Eyes: Developing a Biblical View of the World which lays some good groundwork for the relationship between cultural engagement and Christian worship.

Tuesday: Brief Thoughts on Law, Morality, & Religion

Here I offer up some brief insights as to the nature and relationship of Law, Morality, & Religion. I explain how each builds upon the next and how Law & Morality cannot be understood apart from each other &/or Religion.

Wednesday: How Foolish Man Can Be!

In Wednesday’s post I show how foolish Man can be when he thinks he can cause God to be indebted to him or thinks God needs anything from him. God created all things and in Him we live and move and have our being.

Thursday: Why Church is More Important Than Your “Jesus Time”

In this critique of individual spirituality I explain why faithfulness in corporate worship is more important that personal devotion.

Hope you enjoy the reading! Have a great weekend!


Weekly Roundup (4/28 – 5/2)

In case you missed any of my posts this week you can find them all right here!

Monday: The Two Results of Individualism: Anarchy or Socialism

The tragic irony of individualism is that it tends to have dire consequence for the society and not just the individual.

Tuesday: Forgetfulness and Covenant Breaking

Covenants are crucial in the Biblical story. Moreover, the Bible places a strong connection between forgetfulness and breaking covenant. I look at one example of this in Psalm 78.

Wednesday: Christian Worship, Pagan Worship, & Government Worship

We should begin to read the warning signs when modern Christian worship more closely mirrors that of Pagan worship than it does of the Biblical model of covenant renewal.

Thursday: Responsibility and Authority

Authority flows to the responsible. The issue with this is that sometimes the responsible haven’t been given that authority by God and other times the irresponsible squander their God given station of authority.

Enjoy the reading!


Weekly Roundup (4/21 – 4/25)

In case you missed any of this week’s posts you can find a link to each of them below!

Monday: The Silmarillion, The History of Israel, & Easter

Having just finished J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Silmarillion, I note the similarities between Tolkien’s historical work and the history of Israel found in the Old Testament.

Tuesday: Work From a Christian Perspective

In Christian circles it is often said that Christian’s should treat their jobs like a mission field. I question this assumption and ask whether there is something more foundational to a Christian understanding of work.

Wednesday: Diversity for Unity’s Sake?

I look at the different ways the term “diversity” is used and claim that seeking diversity for its own sake is an unhelpful ideal for society.

Thursday: Why You Must HAVE Enemies to Love Them

Jesus tells his disciples to love their enemies. In our day this has been misconstrued to mean that we should have no enemies. Jesus taught and lived quite differently than our modern sensibilities.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts! Be sure to check back tomorrow with another “Weekend Reading” post!


Weekly Round Up (03/31 – 04/04)

In case you missed any of this week’s posts you can follow these links to catch up!

Monday: What Does “Equality” Mean?

In Monday’s post I take a closer look at our modern conceptions of equality and in many ways find them wanting in both substance and virility.

Tuesday: Laughter

In Tuesday’s post I share a wonderful quote on laughter from Marilynne Robinson’s book Gilead.

Wednesday: Team Darcy (Pride & Prejudice Review)

In Wednesday’s post I review Jane Austen’s seminal work Pride & Prejudice and explain how my own prejudices were reversed.

Thursday: How I Met Your Mother, Modernism, & Storytelling

In Thursday’s post I analyze the modernist influences in the season finale of How I Met Your Mother and offer the alternative of deep comedy.

Lots of food for thought!