Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

The other day I read a blog post by Peter Leithart entitled “Give Peace a Chance.” Commenting on the book The Question of Peace in Modern Politics, Leithart believes that “the editors begin from assumptions that need to be questioned.” From here Leithart begins to question the editors assumption:



“That’s Just Your Opinion”

A couple of weeks ago I was having a discussion with a friend (you know who you are!) about various “macro” subjects: Bible, culture, politics (and how they all intertwine). As our discussion progressed (and regressed) we came to a point where my friend said “that’s just your opinion.” and then expected that our conversation to be over.


Ron Paul’s Perspective on ISIS & Iraq

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I’ve been out of town since last Friday so I haven’t been up on the blog at all. I watched this 10 minute clip of Ron Paul addressing the issue of military intervention in Iraq last night and thought it was very informative and helpful so I wanted to share it here. What you will find in Ron Paul is something that is extremely rare in a modern-day politician, that is, principle. Ron Paul works from the Libertarian principles of non-intervention & non-aggression. What makes these principles so unique in our day and age is the fact that they are not so easily manipulated by emotional propaganda like every other political approach to just about everything. Enjoy!