Weekly Roundup (4/28 – 5/2)

In case you missed any of my posts this week you can find them all right here!

Monday: The Two Results of Individualism: Anarchy or Socialism

The tragic irony of individualism is that it tends to have dire consequence for the society and not just the individual.

Tuesday: Forgetfulness and Covenant Breaking

Covenants are crucial in the Biblical story. Moreover, the Bible places a strong connection between forgetfulness and breaking covenant. I look at one example of this in Psalm 78.

Wednesday: Christian Worship, Pagan Worship, & Government Worship

We should begin to read the warning signs when modern Christian worship more closely mirrors that of Pagan worship than it does of the Biblical model of covenant renewal.

Thursday: Responsibility and Authority

Authority flows to the responsible. The issue with this is that sometimes the responsible haven’t been given that authority by God and other times the irresponsible squander their God given station of authority.

Enjoy the reading!



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