Weekly Roundup (March 17 – 21)

In case you missed any of this weeks posts you can find links to all of them right here!

Monday: The True Colors of “Tolerance” Revealed

This post includes a video which profiles Barronelle Stutzman, a florist in Washington state, who has been sued by a gay couple for refusing to do the flowers in their wedding. The video is extremely revealing about the way the “tolerance” movements treats anyone who opposes its beliefs and values.

I also posted another interesting video of a philosophy professor at Oxford who claims that “God is Not Dead in Academia

Tuesday: Why Reading Retention is Overrated

Considering the unlikelihood of retaining much of what you read (regardless of speed, note taking, etc), I argue (with the help of Douglas Wilson) why retention in reading to be overrated and that the true focus of thoughtful readers should be placed on consumption and engagement.

Again, on Tuesday, I posted an interesting and entertaining video that combines “Macro Economics, Rap, & YouTube“!

Wednesday: Life Intends to Kill Us

Quoting, once again, Dorothy Sayers’ book The Mind of the Maker, I look at the way in which she highlights and analyzes the topic of death. As usual, Sayers is both engaging and intriguing in her outlook.

Thursday: Love & Respect

On Thursday, I quote, at length, the closing paragraphs to a wedding sermon that Douglas Wilson delivered recently. He does a wonderful job of explaining the unique relationship between a husbands’ love toward his wife and a wife’s respect toward her husband. It is truly mysterious and glorious!


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