God is Not Dead

This is a really cool 5 min. video that Tim Challies shared on his blog today. The man in the video is a philosophy professor at Oxford in England and he is making the case that God is very much alive in the academic studies of both philosophy and sociology. He ends by explaining that many people (including himself when he was an undergrad at Princeton) claim that they cannot come to Jesus because of “intellectual” barriers. He says that considering the weight of the intellectual argument for Jesus effectively wipes out this argument as a reason for not seriously considering Christ. I really enjoyed the video and think you will too!

Food for thought.




    1. Thanks for the comment Troymo!

      I agree with your point on the use of “facts” by atheists.

      I was able to briefly look over your posts and I agree with your recurring concern that people test the foundation of their worldviews beyond the level that they normally would.

      That being said, I am a presuppositionalist so I must admit that the way I go about similar questions is much different than the way you do :-).

      Once again thanks for your comment and the links!



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