Weekly Roundup (March 10 – 14)

In case you missed any of this weeks posts click the links below to catch up!

Monday: “What God Says is the Law”

In this post I look at a quote from one of the books I am currently reading (James Jordan’s Through New Eyes) that offers a corrective to the modern ways we see the laws of nature.

Tuesday: Thinking About Nothing (Brain Teaser)

In Tuesday’s post I look at a peculiar quotation from Dorothy Sayers’ The Mind of the Maker. This particular quote examines the strange phenomena/impossibility of thinking about “nothing”.

Wednesday: Relationship Advice for Those Seeking a Soulmate

Here I reveal the best relationship advice I have ever come across for a single person who wants to get married!

Thursday: Why Political Moderates Ruin Everything

In Thursdays post I explain why the idea of a political “moderate” is a hoax and that those who espouse themselves as such ruin the political process!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s posts and will grace Brief Inquisition? with your presence again next week!



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