Weekly Roundup (March 3 – 7)

In case you missed any of this weeks posts I’ve complied links to each of them right here!

Monday: Calling For Nonsense

Inspired by a quotation from C.S. Lewis The Hideous Strength I look at the way our culture is essentially calling for nonsense at every level and how we will eventually get what we ask for if we keep asking.

Tuesday: Creation Regained

I look back at Creation Regained a book I read last year by Albert Wolters that gives some worldview advice to Christians on matters beyond mere soteriology.

Wednesday: Of Course God Created Evil

Dorothy Sayers helps us with the perennial question of whether God created evil or not by giving us a better understanding of evil to begin with!

Thursday: Genuine Cultural Engagement

Looking at an extremely impactful quote from Douglas Wilson I show genuine Christian cultural engagement need not look like either hipsterdom or “Facing the Giants”.

Also, I posted the following video on Wednesday which got a lot of love so if you missed that be sure to check it out!

Lots of food for thought!



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