Moral Majority & the “Right Side of History”

Dr. Theodore Dalrymple states that, “statistical normality slides rapidly in our minds into moral normality” (Life at the Bottom, pg. 208). This is so evident in our current society. We are in the midst of the most rapid moral revolutions in recent history.

Something that Christians should always keep in mind is that morality is not shaped by the majority. This should be clear to non Christians as well but it is often not. Morality is always based on something and in our day we have based our morality based on the State. Which simply means that our morality is based on the ideals of our cultural elites & lobbyists.

But as much as our cultural elites would love to think that they actually can shape morals they cannot. Morals are above the State, they are above cultural elites, and they are above any majority. Morals are eternally established by our God and Father. Those of us who submit ourselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ can never be on the wrong side of history.

Food for thought!



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