Why its NOT Going to Snow Today!

I’m no meteorologist but I have a theory about precipitation in Athens, GA. I adopted this theory during my three years of coaching tennis in Athens where my daily routine including checking Weather.com about a hundred times a day because the was an inverse relationship between precipitation and my paycheck!

Essentially, here’s how it works…

Weather.com is just like any other website. The more people viewing it the more money they can make from advertisers (One of the reasons why you should share this post with your friends so I can start making money from this blog ;-)). That means that if they can keep people coming back and back and back to their website then they are going to make more money. Here is what I think they do:

If there is a chance of precipitation (especially snow) they will predict that it will start snowing early in the day, say 9 or 10 in the morning. Then you look outside at 9AM and realize its not snowing and go back to your weather app and see that they are now predicting snow at Noon or 1PM. The same thing happens, its not snowing at Noon and they have pushed the time back to mid to late afternoon.

In my experience, the end result in this is that there is either no snow or significantly less snow than originally predicted.

Now don’t get me wrong I want some snow, I really would love a day off tomorrow and would love to throw some snowballs at my dog! However, I believe their is a mass conspiracy, probably having to do with Obamacare!, out to get us humble southerners who just want some snow!

I hope I’m wrong people, but I’m starting to get a sad feeling in my stomach that there will be little to no snow in Athens tonight!


Maybe this will cheer you up!



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