Liberty’s Calvinist Heritage

One of the many reasons I love being a Calvinist in our day and age is the long standing relationship between Calvinist theology and liberty. See this quote from Doug Wilson’s book Five Cities that Ruled the World:

If you pull out a map of the world and look at all the countries that have the longest and deepest traditions of liberty, you realize that those nations have a Calvinist heritage. Various historians have noted this anomaly, but it is not really an anomaly. Those who believe that God predestines everything are the most likely to think that the king or congress doesn’t predestined anything. (pg. 139)

I love America and I think its a shame to see what it is becoming, namely a relativistic hodgepodge of licentious behavior endorsed by the State. This being said, I am very encouraged to see many people of my generation embracing Calvin’s doctrines of sovereignty. There is a lot to this discussion but Wilson does a fine job in summing up a brief application to the wide ranging effects of good theology.

Food for thought!



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