Weekly Round Up

In case you missed any of them here are the links to this week’s posts wrapped up nice and neat for your convenience! Enjoy!

Monday: C.S. Lewis | The Postmillennialist?

In this post I give a brief introduction to my eschatological leanings toward “Postmillennialism” & provide a quote from Lewis that helps frame those beliefs.

Tuesday: How to be Rich & a Free Spirited Rebel at the Same Time

Quoting David Books’ book Bobos in Paradise, I show how the higher education of the last couple generations has strived to provide its students with a worldview that allows them to be rich but act poor at the same time.

Wednesday: Welfare, Sex, & The Fall of Rome

Here I provide the reader with a brief summary of what it was like at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire and ask them to then turn on “Entertainment Tonight” to check for similarities.

Thursday: New Year’s Resolution | Judge People

I this post I explain why not judging people is actually impossible and how we should strive to judge people well; not settling for “nonjudgmentalism” which is relativistic at its core.

Have a great weekend and make sure to check back Monday for some more food for thought!



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