A Good Point on Homosexuality

The following is a paragraph from the blog “Stand to Reason“. The blog shows how the argument for homosexuality that is based on inborn biological traits is not only false, but even if it were true would not necessarily defend homosexuality as ‘moral’.

A second problem with the born-that-way theory is that even if true, it wouldn’t prove that homosexual behavior is moral. Consider that scientific research has discovered genes they believe contribute to alcoholism, unfaithfulness, violence, and even many diseases. Are we to believe that because there is a genetic contribution to these behaviors (or even if they were genetically determined) that they should be regarded as morally appropriate? Of course not. So, proving homosexual behavior is appropriate by appealing to a genetic determinant is equally spurious.

The whole article is worth reading so do yourself a favor and read it here.



  1. I would assume the purpose of having this blog is for others to read and provide feedback, regardless if it is praise or a rebuttal. Mine will be the latter. My counterpoint:
    First and foremost, the homosexuality gene (while I’m neither agreeing, nor disagreeing it exists) isn’t being proposed and reaserched just to prove the behavior to be moral. It’s digging deeper to this historical and complex aspect of sexuality. People have been puzzled by this ubiquitous issue, and they simply want answers; the question of morality is erroneous to this research of the gene.
    In addition, I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove with this? Homosexuality is immoral? To whose standards? Christian’s? American’s? Human beings? I am a Christian myself (I will not disclose my denomination) as well as an American human and have no issues with whom people choose to love. No one in this world (Christians included) is perfectly moral, so why target homosexuals? I understand the Christian argument of the difference between “being” homosexual and “acting on” homosexual urges, but this post does not address that.
    Ironically, you’re acting immoral for targeting and judging other’s behaviors. (Let alone others who have never caused any direct harm to you.)

    1. Your accusations are not really in line with what I am talking about at all in this post. The post, if read simply for what it is, is confronting a specific argument within a greater argument. The greater argument is the argument about the rightness or wrongness of homosexuality. This particular post does not address that at all.

      This post is addressing a single argument within that greater argument that says “because I am born a homosexual it is therefore true and right and good and should not be questioned.” This particular post is confronting that reasoning. That reasoning is faulty. It says, “If I find in myself a naturally occurring desire than it is justified simply on the basis that it is naturally occurring.” The point of this blog is to show that many people do in fact propose that if there is a ‘homosexuality gene’ then it does prove the behavior moral. The question of morality is not erroneous because that is exactly what is being pushed at by this research. Your statement is simply wrong. The APA (American Psychology Association) has been trying to do this for years. All of their research has been to this one end.

      Although I do have thoughts and opinions on the larger argument of homosexuality I do not address them in this post. I find your accusations extremely out of line with the main point of the post.

      Most ironically of all is that you claim that I am being immoral by targeting and judging other’s behaviors who I don’t even know. First off I do not see how I am doing this. I am simply writing a post about what I see as faulty reasoning. Furthermore how are you not guilty of being immoral by your own terms when you are doing the exact thing that you claim I am doing? Writing this blog is a behavior, you don’t know me and you are targeting and judging my behavior. Do you not see that in your post you are doing exactly what you claim I am?

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