Weekly Roundup (4/14 – 4/18)

In case you missed any of this week’s posts you can find them all by clicking the links below.

Monday: “Clap Along if You Know What Happiness is to You”

Inspired by the booming success of the Pharrell Williams song “Happy” I look at the influence of “individual autonomy” in our culture.

Tuesday: Relativism vs Revelation

A follow up on Monday’s post I look at the root of individual autonomy, relativism.

Wednesday: Back When I Was a Baptist

Here I give a brief account of my theological journey from believers baptism to infant baptism.

Thursday: It Starts in the Heart

Considering the amount I address culture and cultural change on this blog I felt that I should right a post that highlights the importance of heart change as the determining factor. This is that post.

Enjoy the reading and look out for a post tomorrow that will be a new weekend feature.


It Starts in the Heart

I have written a lot here about culture and society (here, here, here). I have written about the foibles of our popular culture (here) and spoken about some things that I think need to be changed. At other times I have written about how everything is connected (here). The way that God has created the world is such that you cannot talk about economics without also saying something about art; you cannot talk about ethics without also talking about education. Everything is connected. Which is ultimately just another way of saying: Everything is religious. (more…)

Back When I Was a Baptist

Back when I was a baptist, one of the strongest grievances I felt toward infant baptism (on a merely personal level) was that it seemed weak. It seemed to be that paedobaptists were simply grabbing at something that wasn’t there. Moreover I felt as though they were sentimentalizing something (baptism) that I thought was suppose to be a strong sign of someone’s faith. Not only were all of these feelings immature they were also misguided. At its core infant baptism is one of the strongest professions of the Christian faith known in history if understood correctly. (more…)

Clap Along if You Know What Happiness is to You

The title of this post (as you probably know) comes from Pharrell Williams’ immensely popular song “Happy”. “Happy” is a song about “happiness” and how if you’re “happy” then nothing can touch you and you can take on the world! The singer describes “happiness” as this all conquering power to those who know what happiness is to them. But it is those last three words in my previous sentence that get Mr. Williams into problems. (more…)